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North Vernon / Jennings County Discuss TIF Districts

The Jennings County Redevelopment Commission recently held a meeting to discuss the formation of a new Tax Increment Financing, or "TIF" District.

North Vernon Mayor Harold "Soup" Campbell was one of the city officials in attendance. Campbell said he wanted to see if the county's and city's redevelopment commissions were on the same page. Campbell says it is his job to protect city interests. North Vernon has its own TIF district, and the mayor says he wants to make sure that new developments in the county's district are done in accordance with good planning.

"We have to be a very good partner with the county on this one," Campbell said. "They have to respect our needs and our plans, as well as we have to respect theirs."

One area that has to work well in reaching this mutual goal of respect, Campbell says, is communication. Campbell noted that he came away from the meeting feeling a little better about the possibility of having better communication with the county. He adds that the North Vernon City Council will discuss the county's plans at its next meeting.

Campbell says it is important for both the city and county to work together for a number of reasons. One of them being annexation. While the county cannot encroach on city property, North Vernon can grow by annexing connected property. Campbell says there are no current plans to annex any property outside of North Vernon. That said, if Jennings County were to create a TIF district and include property that would be swallowed up in an annexation, North Vernon would have the property, but Jennings County would still be in control of the TIF district.

Campbell again stressed the importance of both governmental bodies working together. "You've got to have some method to the madness," he said.

Last Updated: Saturday, July 27, 2013 3:19:27 PM

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