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Two People Offering Work for Sallee Donations

Columbus Police are asking residents to be careful when hiring people to do home improvement work.

Columbus Public Safety spokesman Lt. Matt Myers says that the police department has received multiple calls from residents on the city's north side about two people offering to paint reflective numbers on curbs in front of their homes for donations. Myers says the people offering to do the work are telling home owners that the money raised will go to Samuel Sallee, the suspect in the Waynesville murders. Sallee is currently in the Brown County Jail on an unrelated charge.

Myers says that when these types of businesses come through town, they normally inform the city in advance so not to cause confusion or concern that their services may actually be scams. He says that has not been the case with these people.

Myers says he cannot verify if the services are legitimate, but he does urge you to be on guard and take all necessary precautions. He says the people offering the services were last seen in the area around Pioneer Place.

Last Updated: Tuesday, July 30, 2013 7:22:04 AM

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