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Three Arrested on Trafficking Charges in Johnson County

Johnson County authorities arrested three people recently on charges of trafficking with an inmate.

According to Sheriff Doug Cox, jail staff received information on Aug. 18 that contraband was coming into the jail and being left in public areas of the building. That information also said that prisoners working inside the facility were retrieving the items.

Prior to allowing inmate workers to clean the building's public restrooms in the lobby of the sheriff's office, jail employees searched the restrooms. They found a Reese's Cup wrapper taped to a toilet in the women's restroom. Jailers placed an identifying mark on the wrapper before allowing the inmates to begin cleaning.

Two inmates cleaned the restrooms with jail staff observing from the lobby area. When the inmates were finished, jail staff checked the restrooms and noticed the candy wrapper was missing.

Both inmates were then searched. The wrapper and the drug Suboxone was found in the possession of Patrick Woods.

After further investigation, another inmate, Steven Brown and his mother, Rhonda Brown were arrested on Tuesday. Sheriff Cox says jail video and inmate phone calls led to those arrests.

Steven Brown is facing charges of conspiracy to commit trafficking with an inmate. Rhonda Brown was arrested for trafficking with an inmate. Patrick Woods is facing charges of trafficking with an inmate and possession of a controlled substance.

Last Updated: Thursday, August 22, 2013 6:54:17 AM

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