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Sheriff Warns Residents about Lotto Scam

The Johnson County Sheriff's Office logo. / Photo: WCSI File
The Johnson County Sheriff's Office logo. / Photo: WCSI File

Johnson County Sheriff Doug Cox is warning you about a scam that was brought to his attention recently by a county resident who had received a letter from "The National Lottery" saying that he had won over $153,000 in an alleged sweepstakes contest held in the United Kingdom last month.

The letter told him the money came from a total prize amount of $2.4 million shared among all of the lucky winners in North America. It went on to say that he won the money as a loyalty prize for shopping in one or more of the participating stores in the United States that included Walmart, K-Mart, Best Buy, etc.

In order for him to get the money, an official with the lottery sent him a check for $3,750 that was deducted from his prize so he could pay a non-resident tax and a processing fee of $2,800. He was also instructed to deposit the check in his bank account so it would clear in order to be able to draw funds to pay the taxes.

The man was told to make a $1,600 payment for a non-resident tax and a $1,200 payment for processing that would be done using a Western Union money transfer and Money Gram. He was then told in the letter that once the payments were completed, a second check would come by FedEx that would be the balance of his winnings totaling $150,000. The letter also told him to deposit the check in the bank and contact his claim agent immediately.

Again, Sheriff Cox says this is a scam.

Last Updated: Friday, September 06, 2013 10:11:52 AM

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