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Scams Reported in Johnson County

The Johnson County Sheriff's Office logo. / Photo: WCSI File
The Johnson County Sheriff's Office logo. / Photo: WCSI File

It seems the "Grandparent Scam" has hit the area yet again this time in Johnson County.


The Johnson County Sheriff's Office says 78-year-old Barbara Tyree, of Franklin, notified the sheriff's office Wednesday about getting a phone call earlier in the week from a man claiming to be "Sgt. Richard Daniels" saying she needed to wire some money through Western Union to pay court fees so her grandson, Brian Tyree, could be released from police custody in Knightstown. Tyree was told that her grandson was arrested on preliminary drug charges and would be held until funds were paid. The funds were to be made payable to Tara Tatrya Johnson, who authorities say is an alleged "special agent" with the DEA. Tyree was also given an Annapolis, MD address.


The sheriff's office says three transactions were made to Johnson totaling $5,983.


Tyree told investigators she thought the situation seemed peculiar, and after the third transfer, she was able to speak to her grandson, Brian, who said everything was fine and that he had never been arrested.


Besides this scam, the sheriff's office also learned about another scam Wednesday involving a Greenwood woman and the postal service.


Officials say 79-year-old Bernice Doty was contacted by a woman claiming she was with the postal service who wanted Doty's name and date of birth. Doty said she thought this was suspicious and didn't give up the information. Doty added that the woman on the phone hung up.

Last Updated: Thursday, October 03, 2013 10:00:07 AM

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