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Report of Suspcious Man, Vehicle Leads to Man's Arrest

Malcolm Edward Kent III / Photo: Johnson County Sheriff's Office
Malcolm Edward Kent III / Photo: Johnson County Sheriff's Office

Authorities in Johnson County arrested a Ninevah man Saturday afternoon on drug charges after the sheriff’s office received a call regarding a suspicious person and vehicle at 1229 N. Bluff Rd. in Greenwood.


According to Johnson County Deputy James Reese, 32-year-old Malcolm Edward Kent III was charged with possession of heroin, possession of paraphernalia, possession of legend drug and public intoxication.


Around 5:30 p.m., Deputy Reese was called to the scene and found a suspicious car parked behind a gas station with Kent inside who looked to be impaired. Reese then spoke to a man at the gas station who said Kent had been there for over three hours and the man had gone to check on him and believed he was on some type of narcotic.


Reese then tried to make contact with Kent. After making contact, the deputy reached through the driver’s window and could see Kent was slumped over and appeared to be sweating. He also noticed a syringe cap lying in the driver’s lap. Reese then called out to Kent through the open window and got no response. Reese then reached through the window, put his hand on Kent’s shoulder and shook him to get him to wake up.


Once Kent was awake, he verbally identified himself to the deputy as Malcolm Kent. Reese asked him to step from the vehicle because he noticed a large hunting knife near the center console. Kent stepped from the vehicle and the syringe cap fell to the ground next to the car.


Reese asked Kent what the syringe cap was for and he stated "I'm a bariatric patient and I’m prescribed needles". At this point after speaking with Kent and seeing that he appeared to be in a daze, medics checked him out. A deputy with a K9 went around the vehicle while Reese continued talking with Kent. The dog indicated on the vehicle.


After Reese read Kent his rights, Kent agreed to talk to police. When asked where the needle was located in his car, Kent didn’t answer or give a precise location.


After seeing dried up blood in the bend of Kent’s arm, the fire department arrived to check on his welfare while police did a vehicle search.


During that search, an uncapped syringe was seen floating in a water bottle in the center console cup holder. Two different scales and a pocket mirror were found in the center console. Pieces of aluminum foil that was shaped into a bowl were also found and had burn marks on the bottom in the driver side floorboard.


There was a small drawer on the dash under the steering wheel where police found a plastic bag containing five folded up pieces of foil, one small plastic bag of a light brown powder and a cut straw. In the trunk of the vehicle, police found a backpack that appeared to be full of Kent's clothes. In this backpack, a pill bottle prescribed to an Amber Bauman that contained 10 white pills labeled Cefuroxime Axetal was found.


Reese says while talking with the medics on scene, Kent indicated that he had a problem with drugs and the reason he was taking them today was with the intention of taking his own life. Reese then followed White River Township Medic 53 to Community South Hospital and performed an immediate detention on Kent. Photos were taken of the Syringe and it was disposed of. Reese opened one of the small bindles of aluminum foil on station and found it to contain a light brown powder substance. The deputy weighed all of the brown powder and it came to an approximate total weight of 1.6 grams. All of these items along with the pill bottle were submitted to evidence.

Last Updated: Monday, October 14, 2013 5:14:06 AM

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