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Sheriff Says No One Is Immune to Home Invasions

The Johnson County Sheriff's Office logo. / Photo: WCSI File
The Johnson County Sheriff's Office logo. / Photo: WCSI File

A home invasion that happened Oct. 2 in the White River Township neighborhood of Kensington Grove in Johnson County is a good reminder that county residents and anyone in general is not immune to home invasions.


Sheriff Doug Cox says the armed suspects entered a lower level window of an elderly couple's home around 2 a.m. and confronted the couple. Both were bound and forced to open a safe located within the home. They were left unharmed. The suspects were able to get away with cash and jewelry. Since that time several of these types of home invasions have occurred in the Indianapolis area. Sheriff Cox says he hopes that this is a trend that is over before it gets started. He wants you to be vigilant, so please help the sheriff's office by protecting yourselves with these safety tips.


1). If you have an alarm system, use it.


2). If you do not have an alarm system, you may want to look into the feasibility of owning a system.


3). Panic alarms with panic buttons worn on your person for alerting authorities of a problem.


4). Lock your doors and windows.


5). Use outdoor motion detection lighting.


6). Don't flaunt assets that you have in your home.


7). Make sure you are not being followed home to your residence.


8). Call 911 if you see anything that looks suspicious.


9). Most importantly watch over your neighbors and call your local police when you observe suspicious activity.


Last Updated: Tuesday, November 05, 2013 10:15:46 AM

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