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School Staff Seek a More 'United Hope' Elementary

Three members of the Hope Elementary School staff recently presented to the Flat Rock-Hawcreek School Board a presentation on how to become a more united elementary school.

The "Hope Star-Journal" reports Principal Lisa Smith along with Sixth Grade Math Teacher Dan Fleming and eLearning Curriculum and Media Specialist Jenna Johnson say want they want is a "United Hope."

Smith says their vision is aimed at creating a culture and climate of engagement within and outside of school and the community.

"United Hope is Belonging, Believing, Achieving," Smith said.

The paper reports the goal here is to help all Hope Elementary School staff - both certified and non-certified - to come together with the common goals of better educating each student as a united team, while also supporting each teacher and aid in their teaching efforts.

"'Belonging' will be achieved through implementing several new programs, specifically aimed at boosting teachers' morale and giving support and praise where needed, Smith said. "We are going to have a 'Staff Member of the Month,' staff socials, and teacher compliment cards."

"'Believing' is just as important to this formula," Johnson said. "Believing the data we collect has valuable meaning and putting that data into action is very important. What happens in kindergarten affects what happens in Mr. Fleming's 6th grade math class."

The group also says one teacher can help future teachers' students achieve.

"'Achieving' will be obtained through a new Live Data Wall," Smith said. "This will be a wall with cards having each student's name on them. The wall will be set up to track each student as they progress through each grade."

"We will actually be able to see what is and what is not working for each student," she explained.

They all agree that some of these seemingly simple concepts can go a long way in helping students achieve academically. These techniques will also serve to support and unify all Hope Elementary staff making the whole environment a greater place to learn and to work.

According to Smith, there are a couple of things that the school board can do to better support and assist the staff at Hope Elementary School. "We are asking for two essentials for success," she said.

Early Release Days: "We would like to have these every week, on Monday," Smith said. "We ask that you consider this because we think this will help with sick days and will really help the students."

One Added Teacher Workday: "This is very important for our students, staff and community," Smith said. "It will allow us to refocus on our vision and our game plan for that school year."

In short, Smith, Fleming and Johnson want HOPE - Have Only Positive Expectations - and they believe these two added components will help all certified and non-certified achieve this at Hope Elementary School.

Last Updated: Friday, December 20, 2013 5:15:47 AM

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