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The Year in Review: Plane Crashes into House

We continue to look back at some of the big stories of 2013. One of those stories is the July 27 incident where a plane crashed into a home in the 2200 block of Broadmoor Lane in Columbus.

Shortly before 9:30 a.m., a single engine plane, piloted by 81-year-old Gerald Clayton of Columbus, had just taken off from Columbus Municipal Airport when it started having some engine problems. The plane crashed moments later, causing considerable damage to the south side of the home. Fuel from the plane leaked out, causing a fire and explosion.

Clayton, along with his passenger, 60-year-old Dennis King of Columbus, was able to escape the wreckage. King told Columbus Police a few days later that after the plane crashed, he and Clayton were conscious the entire time and realized they were okay. King said both men had trouble getting their seat belts off, as fuel was spilling all over them. Once they got their seat belts off, King said the fuel ignited. Both men suffered severe burns and were taken to Wishard Hospital in Indianapolis. One adult inside the home was able to get out safely.

King told police that he believed the house helped cushion the crash. He says they probably wouldn't have made it out alive if the plane had crashed into the ground.

Clayton died a few days after the crash. King was released from the hospital toward the end of August.

A preliminary report issued by the NTSB on Aug. 6 seemingly matches up with what King told police. The report noted that the plane was experiencing engine problems and crashed into the home.

Last Updated: Thursday, December 26, 2013 1:49:43 PM

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