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Suspicious note leads to Columbus North search - UPDATED

A situation at Columbus North High School Monday led administrators on a search for a student who left what appeared to be a list of students who would come to harm.

Principal David Clark says that a Columbus North teacher found a note on the floor yesterday with a list of student names.

"We followed up with concerns that we had that a student was not thinking right," Clark said. "The student was obviously struggling with things and we needed to have some conversations."

Clark said the list was not specific in that it did not tie students names to particular acts to harm them.

"There was nothing that was out-and-out, 'I am going to do this to such-and such a person,'" Clark said. "But the things that were on there were indicative that they were not friends and that he was not trying to be friendly with the kids."

Clark said that deans were able to identify the student who wrote the list of names and are getting him help. But he will also be held accountable for the contents of the note.

"He has to be accountable for that," Clark said. "You can't say things whether it is in writing, verbally or over social media. There are a lot of irresponsible things that go out over social media right now. And you can't do that without being held accountable for it."

Clark's assertion that the note did not tie students to particular acts of harm is being strongly disputed by at least one Columbus North parent. The mother, who wishes to remain anonymous for her daughter's safety, says she and other parents of threatened students received a copy of the note. "Next to my daughter's name were the words, 'throat slit' and 'stabbed in the chest,' said the concerned mom. She went on to add that other students on the note had the word "strangle" next to their names.

We will update this story as needed.

Last Updated: Tuesday, April 22, 2014 1:22:09 PM

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