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Owsley autopsy report expected in mid-May

The autopsy report for Cary Owsley is expected to be completed the week of May 12. The Bartholomew Circuit Court made that announcement Wednesday afternoon.

The court reports that Dr. Scott Wagner, who is writing the report, contacted it on Tuesday to inform the interested parties about the delays. While Dr. Wagner says "everything is going well," he is still awaiting lab reports before his autopsy findings can be completed. Owsley's body was exhumed on March 12. The final autopsy report was initially supposed to take four to six weeks.

Owsley was killed by a gunshot wound to the chest last April. Bartholomew County Coroner Larry Fisher ruled the death a suicide, but refused to have an autopsy performed. Owsley was married to Lisa Owsley, the ex-wife of Bartholomew County Sheriff's Deputy Dewayne Janes. Janes is also the father of her two boys and was among the first responders at the scene. The case has garnered national attention and has resulted in disciplinary action among staff at the Sheriff's Department.

Owsley's sister, Cheryl Jackson, says the waiting has been incredibly difficult on her family. She adds that her family just wants the truth. While Jackson says the family does not believe that Owsley committed suicide, she says they are strong enough to get through it if that is indeed the case.

Despite the waiting, Jackson says getting the truth out is worth it. She says that Bartholomew County authorities would have preferred this issue just go away. "Had I not been a reporter who knew had to drive the press to this, it would have been, 'Cary Owsley killed himself. Now, leave us alone and have a nice day.'" Jackson suspects that someone killed her brother and that a cover up may be taking place. She says she hopes Owsley's remains are able to tell the truth as to what happened on that fateful day.

Last Updated: Wednesday, April 30, 2014 5:44:50 PM

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