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Columbus firefighters batlle PMG flu fire

Columbus firefighters were called to an industrial fire Tuesday afternoon.

Captain Mike Wilson says firefighters were called to PMG Indiana at 1751 Arcadia Drive shortly after 3:30 p.m. for a reported structure fire. When firefighters arrived at the scene they were met by facility representatives who advised them that a furnace flue was on fire inside the building. Employees were evacuated prior to firefighters arrival.

Captain Mark Ziegler, the commanding officer of the first arriving engine company, says his crew entered the building and discovered a fire contained within a furnace ventilation flue pipe. The furnace is used in the manufacturing of automobile parts.

In order to gain access of the roof of the building, Wilson says additional firefighters utilized the departments aerial ladder truck. There, they found significant fire within the flue. Firefighters operating on the roof, along with PMG maintenance personnel, removed the cover of flue pipe to improve access. The metal flue pipe was in excess of 400 degrees. Firefighters used 4 dry chemical extinguishers to put out the fire.

Firefighter determined that a build-up of deposited materials within the flue pipe was the cause of the fire. Firefighters and PMG maintenance staff used a flue brush to remove debris within the pipe. Thermal imaging helped firefighters pinpoint areas of concern within the metal pipe.

Wilson says that firefighters were on the scene for two hours.

PMG representatives estimated that the cost of shutting down plant operations would be $13,000.00 an hour. No machinery was damaged during the incident and no injuries were reported.
Last Updated: Wednesday, July 16, 2014 1:56:01 PM

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