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Senator assured that immigrant children not headed here

State Sen. Brent Steele, R-Bedford, said he has been assured by the governor's office that none of the Central American children being caught coming across the southern border are headed for Indiana.

Steele, whose district includes western Bartholomew, Brown and Jackson counties, said he has been in contact with the governor's office through the deputy chief of staff for legislative affairs.

"We, as a state, don't have any control," Steele said. "The federal government has already told the ICE agency to stand down. Now they are wanting to bring in 4 million children from Honduras. In any probability, they are going to be landing on our shores, right here in Indiana. Like it or not, we had better have a plan to deal with it in a proper manner. That was my whole thing was to get the discussion going, To try to find out what have we done, if anything, to plan for this."

Steele laid the blame for the crisis on the Obama administration. He said some people have taken exception to his use of the word "dump" because it might imply the children could be seen as trash.

"The word dump was intentionally used by me as an indictment of the current administration, for that is exactly what they have done," Steele said. "Not that I think that the children should be here. I think that the policy that the current administration has gone on is wrong. But the Obama administration has encouraged a course of conduct which has put lives at stake.

"They take children without any language skills or adult supervision or money in their pocket and they dump them off in other cities. If I did that to a child, I would be criminally prosecuted for child abuse."

Steele said Indiana hasn't been notified that it is a target for relocation of the illegal immigrants. He said he will continue to monitor the situation.
Last Updated: Friday, July 25, 2014 8:44:00 AM

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