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Buried home leading to higher school construction costs

A former home in East Columbus, found buried under the site of a new performing arts expansion at Columbus East High School, is leading to higher costs for the school's renovation project.

Dr. John Quick, superintendent of the Bartholomew Consolidated school district, said the project would cost about $147,000 more than anticipated because of the unexpected discovery.

"We were excavating for some footers and we ran into what they would call bad soil, or bad foundational conditions," Quick said. "Because maybe decades and decades ago before they built East, maybe people would raze a house and just bury it rather than take it off."

School construction officials joked about the archaeological possibliities, but said the reality was that that they had only uncovered building materials and shoes. 

Bartholomew Consolidated school board approved the change order last night which was within the 5 percent contingency cushion the district maintains on construction projects, Quick said..

In other business, Dr. Linda DeClue, assistant superintendent for human resources, updated the board on school enrollment, saying that the student body is growing slightly this school year for Bartholomew Consolidated schools.

After the first week of school, enrollment appears to be up by about 169 students, DeClue said. The majority, 113 students, are in elementary schools while high school class size increased by 75 students. The number of students in Middle School decreased slightly. The district has about 11,200 students.
Last Updated: Tuesday, August 12, 2014 7:35:31 AM

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