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Paint vapors ignite, injure woman

The Columbus Fire Department was called to a  structure fire in the 600 block of Lafayette Ave. Monday morning. 

Capt. Mike Wilson said that firefighters were dispatched to 623 Lafayette Ave. at 10:41 a.m. He said that fire department units arrived on the scene within two minutes and found a female resident with what appeared to be flash burns. According to Battalion Chief Tim Hughes, the fire was out when firefighters arrived.

The victim, Sabrina Frasier, told first responders that she was spray painting a closet in the home when the odor of the paint intensified. Frasier told firefighters that she went to another room of the home to light a candle. Frasier said that she was holding the candle in her hand as she walked through the home, eventually returning to the closet. Upon entering the closet with the candle, the paint vapors flashed resulting in Frasier being burned. Firefighters assessed Frasier at the scene before she was transported to CRH for treatment. Her condition is unknown.

Battalion Chief Hughes stated that the damage to the home was isolated to the floor of the closet. Firefighters removed a section of the carpet to ensure that the wooden floor was free from fire. Damage is estimated a $500.00. The confined space of the closet did not allow the paint vapors to dissipate which was a factor in the flash fire.

Capt. Wilson says this incident serves as a reminder of how dangerous paint fumes can be. He adds that paint vapors can be extremely flammable and should be considered a respiratory hazard. When working in a confined space, Wilson says that you are urged to use a form of ventilation as well as respiratory protection.
Last Updated: Monday, August 18, 2014 1:45:34 PM

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