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Columbus catching up on deferred road and park work

The City of Columbus is attacking a bevy of deferred projects.

Mayor Kristen Brown says that is the reason you may have noticed more road work in this summer than in years past. She explains that prior to her administration taking office, the city was spending only $400,000 every year in road maintenance. She says that was nowhere near enough money to maintain what she calls the city's "most critical infrastructure."

During this year alone, Mayor Brown says the city is spending nearly $5 million on city streets. She says $3.5 million is being spent on overlaying existing streets and another $1.5 million in full-depth, reclamation reconstruction projects near the industrial parks in Walesboro. Brown went on to say that the city cannot afford to let the roads suffer as they have in the past. With that, she thanked all Columbus residents for their patience this summer as these road projects are being tackled.

Another area the city is addressing is its parks system. Mayor Brown says she, and other officials, are making a concerted effort to improve assets that many believe have been neglected over the years. With that, the Mayor says her proposed budget for 2015 sets aside $1 million dollars for improvements and maintenance for the parks.

Brown says much of the work is simple upkeep. This includes the repaving of parking lots, roof repairs and the removal of some old playground equipment for new equipment. Over the past 18 months, Mayor Brown says nearly $5.5 million has been spent on city parks to take care of much of that deferred maintenance. Of that amount, she says $4 million was city funds, while the remaining $1.5 million was from private means.

Last Updated: Tuesday, August 26, 2014 12:58:50 PM

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